Concordia Conclave No. 503 VBM

Concordia Conclave No.  503 held its third Virtual Business Meeting on 15 February 2021.

Those who attended can be seen smiling in the picture  below. Concordia Conclave is pleased to acknowledge members joining the Meeting from Finland, Italy, France, India and not  forgetting East South North and West of London.

The Supreme Ruler, Wy Bro Shirish Patel declared the meeting open at 5.04 9m, and with a warm welcome to all and with a  very special welcome to the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Rt Wy Bro Peter Ribi, the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Wy Bro Cliff Sturt, the Provincial Recorder, Wy Bro Kevin Howard and Provincial Grand Visiting Deacon, Wy Bro Brian Wakeley.

The next item on the agenda was to read the Dispensation and the letter authorising the meeting to be held. The minutes were approved unanimously. The Treasury reported that the accounts were in healthy situation.

The visiting Deacons, Bro Richard Waitt, Bro Dr Marius Popa and Bro Sunil Tanna,  gave their report in an excellent manner ably assisted by Bro Secretary who had collated the reports. The  Visiting Deacon were thanked sincerely by the Supreme Ruler.

Supreme ruler asked whether Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler would like to say a few words. The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler commented saying that it was good to be with the brethren and  nice to see so many familiar faces and wished everybody well and look forward to when we can meet physically. The Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler echoed those sentiments. He further added and informed the Brethren about the monthly OSM LOI that is held, every second Wednesday of the month. There be nothing further to report the Supreme Ruler closed the meeting at 5:31 PM. After the meeting there was social banter with brethren exchanges news and views about themselves.