The Founding Conclaves

The Province of London was constituted in 1989 at Mark Masons Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London SW1A 1PL. The ceremony was carried out by the then Grand Supreme Ruler M.WY. Bro. Lt Col John Walter Chitty MBE, assisted by officers of Grand Conclave.

The Founding Conclaves of the Province were:

Premier Conclave No. 1
University of London Conclave No. 2
Horatio Shirley Conclave No. 5
Zacharie Conclave No. 9
Metropolitan Conclave No. 68
Rose & Lily Conclave No. 69
Charles Edward Keyser Conclave No. 105
Irenic Conclave No. 121
Riverside Conclave No. 222 – later formed part of the Province of Middlesex.

Since the Province was constituted the following Conclaves have been consecrated:

Arch of Steel Conclave
No. 445
Virescamus Conclave
No. 493
Concordia Conclave No. 503