Virtual AGM October 2020

The Province of London Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 30th October 2020, and for the first time ever it took the form of a Virtual Business meeting held on the Zoom platform.

This did not stop it from being an important occasion, with 110 brethren participating in the meeting, including the Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler M.Wy. Bro. Andrew Sweeney and several Provincial Grand Supreme Rulers from around the Country, together with various heads of other orders.

The meeting was presided over by the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. Peter Ernst Ribi, organised by the Provincial Grand Recorder Wy.Bro Kevin Howard and hosted by Wy. Bro. Peter Willson, who dealt with all the technical details and made joining the meeting simple for all.

The Brethren started joining 30 minutes before the scheduled start time, which allowed time for old friends to greet each other and exchange good humoured banter before the meeting proper was opened. By which time the full complement of 110 all dressed appropriately and wearing the tie of the Order were logged in and ready to start.

R.Wy. Bro. Ribi greeted all the Participants personally and then opened the meeting, conducting all the business required in a smooth and efficient manner. Votes, where required, were taken by a show of hands and reports were received from the Provincial Guide, Recorder and Treasurer.

The Most Worthy Grand Supreme Ruler then addressed the meeting, followed by an address by the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, who then closed the formal meeting.

The video link was then left open for a short while for general messages of thanks and goodwill.

Overall it was a very successful meeting which although no substitute for the real thing, allowed the essential business of the Province to be conducted and enabled a significant number of brethren to take part who would otherwise have been denied access.