Letter from the PGSR

Dated: April 24, 2021

AGM of Premier Conclave of Improvement

Dated: April 13, 2021

Wednesday 14th April will see the AGM of the Premier Conclave of Improvement, which will take place via zoom. The […]

Concordia Conclave No. 503 VBM

Dated: February 17, 2021

Concordia Conclave No.  503 held its third Virtual Business Meeting on 15 February 2021. Those who attended can be seen […]

Premier Conclave of Improvement

Dated: January 29, 2021

In this unique conclave we offer all Brethren of the Order the opportunity to practice the induction or admission ceremony […]

Virtual AGM October 2020

Dated: November 9, 2020

The Province of London Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 30th October 2020, and for the first time ever […]