Premier Conclave of Improvement

In this unique conclave we offer all Brethren of the Order the opportunity to practice the induction or admission ceremony and also the ceremony of installation of a new Supreme Ruler in a friendly and encouraging environment. At the same time having experienced brethren who analysing different parts of the ritual, we help the brethren increasing their knowledge and understanding of this beautiful and important Order.

The programme of work is sufficiently  flexible to allow Brethren attending the meetings to focus on the office they currently hold in their own Conclave and it is therefore highly recommended to those Brethren progressing in the Order.

Meeting Place: Currently via zoom instead of Mark

Masons’ Hall, 86 St James Street, London, SW1A 1PL

Time: 7.00pm

Meetings for the period 01.02.2021- 31.12.2021

will be held on the following dates:

·  10th February – Lecture by Wy.Bro. Cliff Sturt

·  10th March – Lecture by V.Wy.Bro.  Ryan Williams

·  14th April – Lecture by R.Wy.Bro. James Hodge

·  12th May

·  9th June

·  14th July

·  11th August

·  8th September

·  13th October

·  10th November

·  8th December

Chairman: V.Wy.Bro. CML Davies, G.D.C., P.G.Reg.

Preceptor: V.Wy.Bro. Jonathan P Wallis, P.G.V

Secretary:            Bro. Seirios Kokkalis

22 Greening Street, SE2 0LY, Abbey Wood

Tel. 07707743188, Email

We have a plethora of offices to cover. Please let me know if you like to participate undertaking any part of the ritual.

Seirios Kokkalis